Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NELASA will organize Inter Ilhas, All-Stars games will be in memory of Jorge Pina Fidalgo

The NELASA league announced after the last General Assembly meeting on Sunday, March 22, that the league is now responsible for organizing the Inter Ilhas tournament. Previous editions of Inter Ilhas were organized by the young event organizer and promoter Oscar de Beca. Last year’s event was organized in a joint collaboration between Oscar and NELASA.
NELASA also announced that the league will honor the memory of Jorge Fidalgo during every All-Star game.
Fidalgo, a husband, father of five, a businessman, a prominent and well respected member of the Cape Verdean community in New England, was killed on April 23rd in Roxbury, Mass, the victim of an attempted robbery. The 45-year old was host to the weekly radio show “Nha Terra”, which airs every Sunday on 107..1 fm (in Jorge’s memory, his wife, Ana Fidalgo, continued with the radio program).
Fidalgo’s love and dedication for soccer and people in general made him a leader and a dreamer. He dreamed that Cape Verde's National Team one day would play here at Foxboro Stadium, before its vast community. That wish, was realized with the match at Foxboro Stadium between the Cape Verdean National Team and the Portuguese’s First Division Club CS Maritimo on July 21st, 2001.

As a leader, Fidalgo’s support for local soccer was immeasurable. He was the president of Boston's Cape Verde United Soccer Club that competed in the Latin American Soccer Association of Massachusetts. He captured league titles and one Massachusetts Open Cup Title in 1991.To help Capeverdean local soccer he often spent his own money on equipment, promotion and transportation while extending airtime on his radio program "Nha Terra" to soccer related news. He also encouraged the youth to view soccer as fun and entertainment, and use it as a potential door of betterment and opportunity.

Well deserved.

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  1. My utmost respect for this Capeverdean brother. It is a great thing that NELASA is doing. He deserves it

  2. si ten alguen ki mereci e Jorge Fidalgo.

  3. n ta acha ma e bom iniciativa di nelasa hominagia Jorge Fidalgo ki foi um leader e um omi rispetadu na nos cumunidadi