Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NELASA 2010 set to start

Set to start on Friday, April 16, the New England Luso-American Soccer Association (NELASA) 2010 championship looks to be a promising and exciting one.
In one of the busiest offseason that one can remember, the former vice-president Carlos "Bibi" Amado replaced Mario "Betinho" Santos as the new President. Luis “Kiko" Pires replaced Julio Pinto as treasurer, Herminio Furtado replaced Jose Mendes as Secretary-General and Raul Lopes replaced Paulo De Carvalho as Vice President of the General Assembly. Maria Gomes (Bethy) and Samuel “Nesta” Lopes joined the team as Secretary and relator respectively.
Besides many high profiles players movements during this offseason, we’ve also seen the return of Nos Bandera, after a year absent; the elimination of the playoffs and the change of the competition to an “all against all format”; the renaming of the NELASA CUP to Emidio Raposo CUP; and the addition of Safira FC, a Brazilian team to the league.
In an effort to give players, coaches, club directors and the community in general the opportunity to watch other teams play, NELASA has introduced one featured game, each week, on Friday nights or on Sundays.
NELASA will also organize the "Inter Ilhas" Tournament in conjunction with the celebration of the independence of Cape Verde, with the games to be played on July 3rd and July 4th at White Stadium in Boston. The league will honor the memory of Jorge Fidalgo during every All-Star game. Jorge Fidalgo was a prominent and well respected member of the Cape Verdean community in New England. He was killed on April 23rd in Roxbury, Mass, the victim of an attempted robbery.

Eagar fans will have the opportunity to watch NELASA’s 2010 first match on Friday, 8 pm, at Ceylon Park, when the totally renewed Strela Negra takes on the surprise team of 2009, Curral Grande. On Saturday, Fidjos Terra will take the newest NELASA member Safira FC, at 5:00 PM, at PIC #2 in Brockton. At the same time, in Boston, the winner of the 2009 season, Clube Tabanka will take a much improved Mindelo team at Madison Park HS #1; Still in Boston, Nos Bandera will play CafĂ© De Fogo, at Madison Park HS #2, at 4:30PM and Juventude will visit Ceylon Park to take on Boston FC at 5:00PM. In RI, Sporting of RI will play Tarrafal FC, at Martin Middle School, at 4:00 PM, while Dinamo takes on Alianca CV at Gallego Court.
The game Spiga Midju vs Emigrantes might be postponed due to lack of registered players from Spiga Midju. In this case, according to NELASA’s rules, Emigrantes will walk away with a victory.

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  1. tudu ta mostra ma es ano ta ser midjor anu de nelasa de sempri.

  2. os candidatos a titulo sao:
    1 imigrantis
    2 tabanka
    3 fidjus terra
    4 sporting
    5 alianca

  3. Thanks Criolosports pa manteno informado de acontecimentos de Nelasa, nu ta spera mas informasao, e tambem um ta spera que Criolossports e tarde Desportiva ta da cobertura de alguns jogos importantes es ano, um abraso e bom trabadju

  4. tabanka sta ripiti

  5. imigrantis mostra ser mas forti na preseason es golea tabanka e fidjus terra. si lisandro leba a serio na balisa es anu imigrantis e campeon

  6. anu passadu me emigrates golia na turneiu, ma na fim.......

  7. sporting sta fracu es ca tene time de compite

  8. forca juventude sta forte

  9. ka nhos desconta Tarrafal nao,Bobby teni menis ta treina e juga aserio,es teni um plantel bem euilibrado,Sousa sta ta parce bem fisicamente e si Soppan sta na 85% de forma es e team ki pode luta taco a taco ku qualquer team.parcem kel campeanato li sta bem midjor de sempre.pelo menos uns 10 teams sta na condicoes de fazi barulhos.
    E ki nu bai epoca inteiro sem nenhum lesao grave.

  10. curral grandi ba goleada onti.

  11. nhos podi fala ano kuzas e diferente factor surpresa ta ten certo na kel lista de candidatos ao titulo de nelasa li. keli e mi propi "....."