Wednesday, May 19, 2010 TEAM OF WEEK 4/ DEFENSIVE TEAM OF WEEK 4 – Curral Grande Wins Team of the week 4 – Curral Grande Wins
After winning its first game of 2010 season Curral Grande of Boston was voted as the Team of the week 4 on NELASA’s weekly online pool with 27% of the votes. The team from Boston that surprised many in last year’s championship started the NELASA 2010 season by losing 3 games in row. Curral Grande beat Café de Fogo on week 4 to finally brake out of that losing streak.
Emigrantes and Dinamo were tied for 2nd with 20% of the votes. Emigrantes visited and beat Tarrafal 2-0 on goals by Ze Veiga and Ernesto. Meanwhile Dinamo da Brava visited Nos Bandera and came away with a 2-1 victory on goals by Andre and Jonathan. DEFENSIVE TEAM OF WEEK 4 – Curral Grande
Once again Curral Grande is on the Top of criolosports weekly voting Poll. This time with 25% of the votes. The Team from Boston was able to win their first match of 2010 season by holding Café de Fogo scoreless in their week 4 match.
Emigrantes was voted 2nd. The team from Brockton also held their opponent, Tarrafal FC, scoreless in their week 4 match at Hillstrom.

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