Thursday, June 24, 2010

NELASA: A Message from the new leadership

Friends, as you know, Carlos “Bibi” Amado resigned as league President effective 6/20. Without going into specifics, the league would like extend its gratitude for all of his hard work in the time of his presidency. Bibi worked extremely hard, putting in long hours to ensure that league business was conducted. For his countless hours of dedication to the league, again we say thank you.
Now we must turn the page to a new chapter. With his resignation, the Vice President must assume the presidency according to our bylaws. Narcisa Araújo will now assume the role as acting President. All the remaining board members have agreed to continue in their respective roles, performing their pre-designated duties. The current board members would like to assure all affiliated teams, media and community, that it’ll do everything in its power to not only continue what Carlos Amado started, but also to lead in a way that would (continue to) make NELASA, the state’s number 1 (one) adult league.
The board will need the cooperation of everyone connected directly or indirectly with NELASA, to see that the transition is carried out in a manner that will be least disruptive to its operation. The Board is confident that transition will be a smooth one, mostly because Carlos Amado has graciously agreed to lend his support through this transition.
We may not always agree; we may not always disagree; but, WE MUST ALWAYS AGREE TO DISAGREE.

Saudações Desportivas
Narcisa Araújo
NELASA President


  1. C'mon we all know that Narcisa is not capable of writing like this. Why would she refer to self in the 3rd person? Who's the Vice-President?

  2. it says very clear .. A message from the new leadership..i dont think it matters who wrote.. You CV's !!!!!!

  3. Narcisa fazi mal Inicio na lideransa. Primero Comunicado kel manda tinha ke ser feito di novu pamodi e fazi bastanti palhasaria. Fladu ma liga goci sta paga alguen pa fazi Comunicado. Midjor nhos paga Betinho pa toma liga pa traz.