Saturday, February 20, 2010

NELASA with a promising 2010 season

By Herminio Furtado

On Friday, February 19, delegates of NELASA clubs met to take the draws for a new and promising soccer season scheduled to begin on April 17. As the secretary took the roll call, only Mindelo and Spiga Midju were not represented of the 15 registered clubs. None of the delegates represent could hide in their faces the excitement and anxiety for the new approaching championship. They soon found out the plans that the new executive branch of the league had in mind, under the new leadership of President Carlos Amado.

Probably, the most significant plan is the new format in plans for 2010 season. For this up coming season, NELASA chose an all against all format with all teams playing one another home and away. At the end of the season the team with most points will be crowned NELASA champion unlike the previous season when top tiered clubs had to battle one another off for the championship spot. This format requires that the team most consistently in good shape will celebrate in the end.

Championship games will be played on Saturdays with one game on each week scheduled for Friday evening, which is another exciting innovation from last year. Delegates agreed that the league will choose one exciting game to be exhibit on Fridays to give every player, coaches, club directors and the community in general the opportunity to watch other teams playing. Cup games are scheduled for mid-week on Wednesdays which is another change from last year.

The season will kick off on April 17, with week one featuring seven games. In Brockton, Spiga Midju will host Emigrantes das Ilhas in the first local derby. While Fidjos Terra rests for the kick off week, other local teams Tarrafal FC and Alianca CV will travel to Pawtucket RI to face the two local power houses, Sporting and Dinamo de Brava respectively. The other Rhode Island team, Juventude, will make a long trip to Boston to face off Boston FC. Boston will also experience the thrill of a derby as Curral Grande and Strela Negra is set to dispute who will have the better beginning of the season. Boston is also the stage for two more games as the defending champions Tabanka and returning team Nos Bandera will host other Brockton teams, Mindelo and Cafe de Fogo respectively.

The opening week will close with a season opening party at Joe Angelos Cafe in Brockton. This event has become traditional as it sold out last year and proved be a very desired function. Players get to meet and socialized, discuss the opening games and exchange their prospect for the new unfolding season.

The NELASA 2010 soccer season is set to be a long and exciting one. The season goes from April 17, season kick off till November 20, the date of the super cup game (championship winner vs. cup winner). There will be 210 championship matches and 14 cup games plus the super cup, for a total game tally of 225. Each team will play at least 28 in 30 weeks plus whatever cups games they play. GO NELASA.



  1. midjor cuza kes faze. playoff ka ten nenhum piada. na nenhun parti na mundo e ka tem

  2. si propi na kel sistema ki ta ganha e time ki mostra mas consitenti duranti season. tabanka, dinamo, emigrnates, fidjos terra e sporting ten grandi chanci

  3. Bom sistema. Si era assim ano passadu equipas consistentes como Alianca CV ou Emigrantes ta serba campeao. Forca Nelasa.

  4. Fandata dja volta? n tinha sodadi bo mos. Bom artigu. N sta di acordu ku novu sistema

  5. Gossi fika so pa kori ku spiga midju. Pa kuza fika perfeifu