Friday, March 12, 2010

NELASA honors Emidio D. Raposo

NELASA (NEW ENGLAND LUSO AMERICA SOCCER ASSOCIATION) has approved a name change to its CUP from NELASA CUP to Emidio Raposo CUP, in honor of one of Massachusetts soccer PIONEERs.
Emidio Raposo Emigrated from Portugal to the US in 1948, at a time that Massachusetts soccer was at its early stages. An avid soccer lover his involvement with local soccer came as early as 1956, when a group of young Portuguese immigrants formed, The Portuguese Sports Club (P.S.C.) and their Leader asked him to help organize the club. He managed the junior’s team and was P.S.C’s Secretary from 1962 to 1966.
In 1966 he was elected as Vice-President of the New Bedford branch of the New England Youth Soccer Association and later as President. A title he held for 4 years, from 1970 to 1974.

When LASA (Luso-American Soccer Association) was created in 1975, in New Bedford, Emidio Raposo was appointed as the secretary of the Arbitration committee. For 18 years he dedicated his time to LASA, performing various duties, such us: Treasurer, Secretary permanent, President and Vice-President.

In 1990, Emidio Raposo was inducted in the New England Soccer Hall of Fame in Fox Point, R.I.
He executed various duties for the”New Bedford Liga Comercial de Futebol" and I was the Vice-President when Emigrantes das Ilhas of Brockton, a local team of young Capeverdeans, was affiliated with the league.

Emidio Raposo participated in various committees in order to elaborate the bylaws. He helped form the archives to store records and historical documents. These archives and documents proved to be very important when he wrote the P.S.C. historial in 2002.
In 2001, NELASA was created when LASA (Luso-American Soccer Association) and NESA (New England Soccer Association) joined forces. Soon after, Mr. Carlos Baptista, NELASA's president at the time, invited Emidio Raposo to be a part of this new promising League. He performed the role of NELASA’s treasurer, President and Vice President until 2008. His insight, help and dedication was instrumental during NELASA’s management change to an all Capeverdean leadership in 2008 and the relocation of the league's office to Brockton.

NELASA will make a public announcement on the naming of the NELASA CUP as the Emidio Raposo CUP during a ceremony at the League’s Office, 1145 Main St. (3rd Floor), on Sunday, March 21, 2010, at 3 pm.



  1. homi mereci, des ki sta na merka e sta ivolvido na futebol

  2. ka mesti sabi di undi ki el e, mas e fazi pa futibol na kel liga di nos goci i pa tudu na merka tb