Friday, March 5, 2010

NELASA with second installment of WOMEN’S LEAGUE

In a meeting with representatives for each of the teams that participated last year in NELASA’s first women championship, NELASA (New England Luso America Soccer Association) has decided to go ahead with the second installment of NELASA WSL.
Set to start on the first week of May, NELASA WSL 2010 will be two rounds in all against all format with teams facing each other home and away. In addition the women’s will have to battle for the CUP and SUPER CUP (an addition from last year).
Kriolas FC, Dangerous Girls, Nos Bandera Girls, Mindelo Girls and Neves Travel are the five returning teams.
NELASA plans to release the championship schedule soon.
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  1. again thank you for keeping us informed.

  2. good for the girls. I just stoped to say thank you to criolosports for keeping us informed on local girls sports also.