Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Open Cup 2010 - Emigrantes disqualified

After travelling to New York and taking a major step towards returning to the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, by beating the Brooklyn Italians 3-2, the 2009 Massachusetts State Cup Champions, Emigrantes Das Ilhas, has been disqualified from the USASA Region I tournament and consequently eliminated from a chance of competing in the 2010 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. Emigrantes has also been barred
from entering the 2011 National Open Cup tournament.
The team from Brockton was scheduled to play in the USASA Region I tournament quarterfinals on May 2nd against Go Soccer FC from New Jersey, instead, the Brooklyn Italians, the team they beat in the first round, will.
According to a source close to Emigrantes, they were disqualified on two fronts. One because according to the UNITED STATES ADULT SOCCER ASSOCIATION, Inc . National Cups Committee, they used Wilson Medina(Zico RI) without having international clearance on the April 17th match against the Brooklyn Italians. The second reason is because the Emigrantes player Kyle Courteau, did not present a valid player pass for the same match. The source informed that Emigrantes has an email from the US Soccer stating that Zico (RI) was clear to play in that April 11th match. The National Cups Committee is claiming that the email was sent by mistake because the person responsible for handling these issues was on vacation. has learned that Emigrantes has appealed the findings. Currently, the 2009 Massachusetts State Cup Champions is trying to gather funds in order to file an injunction/Restraining order to keep the quarterfinals game from being played this weekend and allow a judge to make a decision. Emigrantes is also filing a lawsuit for $10,000.

On a question posed by criolosports to the NELASA President and Emigrantes ex-President, Carlos “Bibi” Amado, on what would be the benefit for NELASA, NELASA teams and players had Emigrantes gone further in this competition?

Bibi said: “the benefit would be that the further Emigrantes went the more exposed the team/league and the capeverdean community would get. Last year we went to the finals and few teams had even heard of Cape Verde. We are the only Capeverdean team to qualify for the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. We were close to playing the revs (New England Revolutions). We lost to Western Mass (PDL) in extra time after twice taking the lead. W. Mass then lost to NY in PKs and the team from NY played Revs”. Bibi added that it also would continue to add to NELASA's prestige. In part because of Emigrantes Success in the national cups, any referee from Mass who's a candidate to become a national ref has to work on NELASA’s games.



  1. Emigrantes por visto culpa ca foi de nhos, nhos luta pa nhos direito,nhos tem que lebas pa justisa assim pes prende, es pensa ma nos e ques otus Africanos de odju tapadu, inganado ques sta, es tem que paga pa ses erros ques cumete.
    Obrigado Criolosports pa anuncia es artigo bom trabadju

  2. very sad. fight it till the end Imigrantes.

  3. Correction bibi, W.Mass pays in USL, which is a completly different from PDL, and second they played a TOP team from their own USL division which was Hrrisburg City Islanders from PA(former USL Champion) losing in PKs as u mentioned. Just some facts corrections.... With that said, continue to fight and im sure it will pay off, if they made a mistake its their own fault and justice will be done.........

  4. thanks criolosports for providing us with the details of what went down. for the looks of it emigrantes is not at fault. Emigrantes cannot pay for their mistakes. Let’s unite and help emigrantes in this fight

  5. Criolosports is quick to call Bibi and Bibi tell's him wat happend but why not ca USASA and find out their side of the story. you can post this criolosports or dont i dont realy care but when you do I story dont call Bibi call Emigrantes president Bibi is just a player. and also call USASA and find out thier side of the story and then do a article.

  6. Same thing that Bibi did to Dinamo is been done to Emigrantes. According to this article. Carma Bibi Carma.

  7. we can all join imigrantis in fighting this injustice. we need to suport our teams

  8. Emigrantes waz big surprise last year and we should see this comning... I would ask Emigrantes organization to take this as far as they can...Let's keep in mind that this is not about BIBI or MIMI... It's about Emigrante soccer club... let's all land hand and support if needed....

  9. bo tem razao Bibi. era bom si otus team di nelasa ta dedica mas a kel compiticon la. ta spera ma tudo ta risolvi a favor di imigrantis. nhos luta pa nhos direitu ti fim

  10. what goes around comes around, Emigarntes, Deus ka ta dormi,dja chiga ora di paga tudu kes ki BiBi faze na oto team. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha......

  11. kel ki bibi faze Dinamo, deus ka dormi el ta paga li na terra.
    dia ki bu morre bu ta bai pa inferro

  12. Why not support each other and our community instead of talkin S*** about Bibi.....this has nothin 2 do w/ bibi but everything 2 do with EMIGRANTES.....if u have smthng against bibi talk 2 him dont take it out on us...and those that r talkin bout karma...Emigrants didnt do anything 2 any of u 4 u guys 2 b saying that we deserve this cuz we do not.....HATRED dosent get u anywhere n i dont c any other team going as far as we have to represent our community...this is the problem with cape verdeans that at times i feel embaressed 2 call myself cape verdean....u guys dont know how 2 support 1 another all u guys know how 2 do is talk S*** and criticize....b PROUD that a team has put our CV community's name out there.....We will do everything n anything in our power 2 make sure justice is served cuz no matter what any of u guys think this is not JUSTICE....n we will not rest til we have the justice we deserve.....

  13. It's funny how this story is just now coming out...When they (Emigrantis) won, they made sure that Criolosports & Futebolcriolo oa nay other form of media out there new about the result before they even got to Brockton, why keep this under wrap? why not inform your fan base?? THANK YOU criolosports for uncovering this... and Patricia please get yourself informed b4 you criticize others, the only one talking SH*@t is you

  14. Got to love your passion,however you probably want to take this sentece back"this is the problems with cape verdeans that at times i feel embaressed 2 call myself cape verdean"...
    A bit pretentious don't you think?i guess Cabo vernidade will cease to exist because Patricia sometimes feels embaressed to call herself cape verdean,chill criola.oops sorry i called you criola.people will always desagree and it doesn't mean hate.
    Now to matter in hand,many people are of the opinion that the only championship imigrantes ever won was accomplished in a very suspiscious fashion to say the least after the were beaten fair and square on the field of play,and that could be one of the reasons some people are sounding off against imigrantes.
    You seem like a person that is big on justice.Why not justice for all?or it only hurts when it happens to me?
    And what is it with this thinking if you are criolo and your opinion differs from what is perceived to be correct,you are called names,labeled one thing or other?why not attack the merits of ones opinion.
    I'm not a fan of imigrantes still hope they aren't in the wrong.
    It goes without saying that an injust act is an injust act not matter which direction it comes from or point to.
    Long live democracy!

  15. All i can say is that, GOD is always watching!!! Everything that Bibi is doing to Mr. Andrade because whatever reason he has will come back to hunt him and there is one proof and there will be more to come

    Edy from Spiga Midju