Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Team of the week 5 – Emigrantes Wins

Emigrantes was voted as the Team of the week 5 on NELASA’s weekly online pool with 25% of the votes after winning its fourth consecutive game of 2010 season. Emigrantes beat Juventude 1-0 at home in week 5.
Fidjos Terra was voted 2nd with 23% of the votes. Fidjos Terra handed Strela Negra their first defeat of the season on goals by Pina, Manu and Narciso.


  1. guentis vota mal go. emigrantes ganha juventude. timi ki sta na ultimu lugar.

  2. muita tendencia!!! nu tem ki ser um pouco mais realistas...tudo alguem sabi ma credu pa emigrantes ganha mas nhos ta tem um grande surpresa es ano...

  3. favoritismu dimas nes nelasa li. imigrantis ca mereci ser midjor timi di semana. es ganha juventude ki sta na ultimu lugar. nhos debe ser mas realista hora ki nhos ta vota