Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Criolosports.com weekly Poll: Team of the week III – Strela Negra comes out on TOP

Strela Negra of Boston was voted as the Team of the week III on criolosports.com first NELASA weekly online pool with 27.5% of the votes. The team from Boston started the NELASA 2010 season on a good note, by beating Curral Grande 5-1 on the season opener game. The following week counting for the week 2 Strela beat Boston FC. 2-1. on week III the young and rejuvenated team from Boston travelled to RI to face Sporting. Strela beat Sporting 1-0 to remain unbeaten for the first 3 weeks of the competition.
Nos Bandera was voted 2nd with close to 23% of the votes after putting on a great performance against its rival from Boston, the defending champions, clube Tabanka, in Week 3 of this year’s championship. Nos Bandera edged Tabanka 2-1.
With 12.8% of the votes came Fidjos Terra. The team from Brockton beat Tarrafal 2-0 to get their first win of the season.

Criolosports.com DEFENSIVE TEAM OF WEEK III – Strela Negra

Once again Strela Negra is on the Top of criolosports weekly voting Poll. This time with 40% of the votes. The Team from Boston continued its winning streak by holding Sporting scoreless in their week III match.

Fidjos Terra was voted 2nd. The team from Brockton also held their opponent, Tarrafal FC, scoreless in their week III match at PIC park.



  1. ninguem ca esperaba na es pamode es perde tcheus jogadores. ma es comeca campeonato dreto. ta espera mes ta continua

  2. Strela is the best

  3. es comeca cu forca ma gaz ta cabas. kel factor inexperiencia ta bem influencias ja.