Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Criolosports.com Weekly Poll: Player of the week III – Placido Teixeira wins player of the Week

Placido was voted criolosports.com player of week III with 23.6% of the votes. The Strela Negra forward opened the season with 3 goals against Curral Grande. The youngster from Boston is one of the main reason why Strela Negra remains unbeaten after 3 week. On week III Placido scored the only goal that gave his team the victory over Sporting in RI.
Rafael came in a close 2nd with 22.7% of the votes. Rafael helped Nos Bandera defend against Tabanka’s forwards Bebeto and Tito in the week III Derby. The central defender made his mark on the game by scoring the winning goal, a fantastic goal from outside the box that Lito could only see going in.
Beto was voted 3rd with with 16.4 % of the votes. The veteran helped Fidjos Terra get their first win of the season by scoring 2 goals in a 2-0 victory against Tarrafal.



  1. e comeca campeonato em bom forma. vamos la ver sel ta mante mesmo forma te fim

  2. e merece. e sta en forma es ano. strela tene team joven. ta spera ma es ta mante pa uns 2 o 3 ano di djuntu

  3. strela ki sta manda kel ano le