Thursday, July 8, 2010

Barros going abroad to teach sport, character

Tara W. Merrigan, Special to the Reporter

Tomé Barros, a young Cape Verdean man who grew up in three-decker on Sumner Street in Dorchester, loves the game of basketball.
“Even though Tomé is a great player, he seems to always be a student of the game,” says Aderito Andrade, Barros’s cousin. “Recently, he’s been studying [Celtic Rajon] Rondo and Dwayne Wade. He has a nice side step move now. He surprised everyone the first time he used it, and took me off guard—I even fell down.”
Barros, 23, learned how to play basketball at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester and spent much of his free time there. Club staff selected him to participate in the Keystone Club, a community service organization through which he says he discovered the rewards of helping others. He was also awarded the club’s Youth of the Year Award.
“The Boys and Girls Club was like my second home,” says Barros, as he sits on his front porch. “I stayed off the streets and got involved in community service there. I learned how to play basketball there, which helped make me the person I am today.”
Now, having graduated from Hampton University in the spring, he set off last week on a ten-month sabbatical to bring the joy of basketball to the children of Senegal, Cape Verde, and Brazil.(…) Read more at;

Readers can follow Tomé Barros’s trip through his blog:

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