Monday, April 5, 2010

Emigrantes 2010 Pre season Tournament: Emigrantes Wins in great fashion

Emigrantes organized and won the 2010 2nd Pre season Tournament, at Ceylon Park in Boston, by beating, Tabanka of Boston (the winner of NELASA 09) by 5-0, and Fidjos Terra by 3-0.

The tournament organized in preparation for the season 2010 that is approaching counted with the best qualified teams from the previous season.

Here is the complete list and scores:

             Saturday, April 3, 2010
Emigrantes 5-0 Tabanka 1:00 PM Ceylon park
Fidjos Terra 3-2 Sporting 3:00 PM Ceylon park

             Sunday, April 4, 2010
Emigrantes 3-30 Fidjos Terra 1:00 PM Ceylon park
Tabanka 2-0 Sporting 3:00 PM Ceylon park

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  1. emigrantis da so goleada na torneio, ta mostra mes sta bem forti es anu

  2. yeah di teams kin odja es fin di simana emigrantes mostra ma es ta mas forti es anu. tb fica contenti cu sporting di ri.

  3. fidjus terra parci cu uns jogadores novus team mas renovadu.

  4. tudu 4 time apresenta um bom futebol. es tudu e favoritu pa ganha es anu. cafe di fogo ku boston fc tambe mas forti es anu

  5. sport teni um bom avancado numero 8

  6. Emigrates ganha fidjus terra 3 0 mass fidjus terra djuga ku 10 des di 7 m de premeira parte..

  7. Emigrantes ganha campeonato e so mesa ku muto complos.

  8. Best of luck to emigrantes in new york this upcoming weekend. Make us proud and once again represent cabo verde and capeverdean soccer.

    1 2 3 Emigrantes

  9. Emigrantes ka meste complo pa ganha nada, Emigrantes sempre faze sombra, forca Emigrantes